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Join the Scarlet Lane Brewing Company/Vernon Township Public Library Horror Book Club on Wednesday, July 17th from 7-9pm.

Our third Horror Book Club pick of 2024 is Mary by Nat Cassidy. Patrons can request copies for check out at the service desk, while supplies last.


From Goodreads: “Mary is a quiet, middle-aged woman doing her best to blend into the background. Unremarkable. Invisible. Unknown even to herself.

But lately, things have been changing inside Mary. Along with the hot flashes and body aches, she can’t look in a mirror without passing out, and the voices in her head have been urging her to do unspeakable things.

Fired from her job in New York, she moves back to her hometown, hoping to reconnect with her past and inner self. Instead, visions of terrifying, mutilated specters overwhelm her with increasing regularity and she begins auto-writing strange thoughts and phrases. Mary discovers that these experiences are echoes of an infamous serial killer.

Then the killings begin again.

Mary’s definitely going to find herself.

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