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This course emphasizes the basic rules & mechanics of the tabletop roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition as well as a deeper understanding of playing the role of the Dungeon Master (or Game Master). This is an integral role in which every game under this ruleset requires. There are no requirements needed to attend this course but prior knowledge of tabletop roleplaying games is certainly welcome. Remember the only way to win Dungeons & Dragons is to HAVE FUN!

6/5 Session 1: Introduction to Dungeons & Dragons / Character creation / Running a “Session 0”
6/12 Session 2: Basics of playing the game as a DM
6/19 Session 3: “Homebrew Campaigns” and table etiquette
6/26 Session 4: Bonus session — miniature painting!

This program is 13+ and you must register for each individual event.

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