Get a Card

How to Get a Library Card

All residents or owners of property in Vernon Township are eligible for a free library card.

Not sure if you live in Vernon Township? Check your address here.

To register, bring proof of residence or property ownership and a current, valid ID in to the service desk at the Vernon Township Public Library. An adult (18+) must be present to register a minor—anyone 17 or younger. Registering a minor child denotes acceptance of responsibility for all fees, fines, and payment for late, lost, or damaged materials charged on such minor’s library card.

Emancipated minors will be asked to present evidence of their status to void the necessity of the presence of a sponsoring adult.

All card seekers must be present during registration.

You may pre-register for a card using the button below, but you must visit the library in person within 14 days with the required identification to complete the registration.

More Way to Get a Card

Reciprocal Borrower

The library has reciprocal borrowing agreements with the Pendleton Public Library and the Hancock County Public Library. Bring in your home library card to sign up for a VTPL card.

These cardholders are limited to items available at the Vernon Township Public Library and must be renewed yearly.


Individuals who do not qualify for a resident or reciprocal borrowing card may receive all the privileges of a resident card by paying for a Non-Resident card.

The current cost for a Non-Resident card is $35.00 each year.

Educational Card

Students and Educators of Mt. Vernon Community Schools are eligible to receive a free library card. These cards have the same privileges as a reciprocal borrower card and must be renewed yearly.