Computers and Technology

We have computers available for the public on a first-come, first-served basis. Library cards are not required to use a library computer. Library computers have Microsoft Office software and are Internet accessible. We also offer printing/copying, laminating, and faxing services.

While our Internet is filtered, parents and guardians of minors (age 17 and younger) who do not wish their minor to use the Internet at the Library, or use it only with adult supervision, must enforce this with their minor children. Library staff is not responsible for monitoring Internet use by minors.

Library Printing, Laminating, and Faxing Details

Technology FAQ

Yes, you may print from a library computer, your own device, or a USB flash drive device. Directions on how to print from your own device are available here. Black and white printing is available for $.10 per page. See the full price sheet for more information.

Yes! And, information on how to send a fax, and the fees can be found here:

Filtering software is used on all Library computers. Unfortunately, no filter is 100% effective. The best and most reliable filter for a minor is the presence of a parent or guardian.

Yes, the library reserves the right to revoke privileges for patrons who do not follow our Internet and Computer Use Policy.